Whisper Cave Guest House

Welcome to Cappadocia Whisper Cave Guest House

Whisper Cave Guest House is a Unique Cave and Old Stone Room . with special panoramic view from terrace, Goreme,Turkey. Our guests house surrounding with old style houses representing local architecture.You enjoy having Turkish breakfast with Turkish hospitality and fresh air in the mornings.

We have 2 caves dorm and 2 old arch designed rooms and 3 stone room in Hotel.They are about three hundred years old and original cave and stones.
If you wake up a little early you can see Rose Valley and all hot air balloons from our terrace which take off all together every morning between 5 am to 9 am around Goreme town. Sometimes about hundred of them you can see together and enjoy with landscapes.

Cappadocia and Cave Hotels

Cappadocia is a very unique region as a geographical and historical.
Area is covered with 300 m2 with volcanic lavs about million years ago and 5 cities in the middle of Turkey/Anatolia.All populations lived in Cappadocia were built cave room,houses and other areas to make their life easier and safer. There are a lot of different rock formations,fairy-chimneys,underground cities,churches, monasteries and so on.Many populations were settled in Cappadocia like Hittite, Phrygia,Persian,Rome Empire, Byzantine Empire,Seljuk,Ottoman and finally Turkish Republic. You will have a special experience staying at Whisper Cave Guest House